Consultant Surgeon Invention Project Management

We understand that surgeons are always thinking up new concepts to improve surgery. The problem is finding and convincing a company to develop the idea whilst ensuring a reasonable reward is received for your invention.  Bridging the gap between science and commercialisation is difficult and very time consuming. At Accord Medical, we believe we are able to manage your idea whilst you concentrate on your day-to-day activities.

Our aim is to ensure you receive a fair remuneration for sharing your idea and introducing the product into the market as quickly and efficiently as possible before somebody else does. The service we offer can include the following:

  • The undertaking of market research to determine the viability of the project
  • Contract negotiation between inventor and manufacturer
  • Negotiate royalties
  • Put you in contact with professionals who specialise in patents
  • Source manufacturer/distributor
  • Proactively project-manage the invention
  • Monitor agreed milestones
  • Attend to issues, liaising between inventor and third-party
  • Minimise time delays
  • Keep communication channels open with all parties
  • Provide advice on most appropriate marketing strategy
  • Concept planning

The cost of this service will be tailored to meet both parties’ needs whilst ensuring it is carried efficiently.